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Terms & Refunds

Customer's Account Creation

Customers need a ResellRightsEbooks.com account. Register for free here.
Customer´s accounts are also created during the check-out process automatically if they choose to check-out as guests.
This way ResellRightsEbooks customers can log into their private panels to download their products, edit their contact information, view their purchases history, etc.
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to see what a customer's account looks like.
Resell Rights Ebooks customers may re-download their items during a full month after purchase and a maximum of five times.
Customer's accounts stay active without any expiration date. They may be accessed from anywhere in the world at anytime. Accounts may be closed upon request.

Product's Permissions

Any purchased item includes resale rights. Customers may resell the content at any price higher than the price paid on ResellRightsEbooks.com.

Secure SSL Payment Gateway


PayPal is the global e-commerce solutions for ResellRightsEbooks.com.
PayPal is the most widely used secure payment gateway platform, with over 100 million customers worldwide.

When a customer purchases a product on our site, the product will be available instantly for download. This process is fully secured and automated, even if it is 2:00 am!



We offer a 7-day full refund guarantee in case customers are not completely satisfied.

Refunds can be processed in two ways (customer decides):
- Returning back the funds to the customer.
- By Applying store credits so the customer can get a different item.

Please refer to our FAQs menu for more information!