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MLM Secrets - Resell for $17.00!

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How To Make (At Least) $30,000 In Residual Income Every Single Month With Online Network Marketing.

Brian, expert in MLM Marketing shows you how to not only just survive with residual income!

Here is just a taster of what Brian reveals ...

  • How Brian grew his online business up to pulling in $30,000 a month in profit is less than two years. Discover his simple business growth secret to grow your profits in record time.
  • How Brian pulls in $1,450 a month in residual income from one company with absolutely zero effort. You can do this too -- if you know what to look for.
  • How Brian plans to build his business to $1,000,000 a month within two years. Yes, you read that right -- One Million Dollars a month!
  • Discover the four types of online residual income and how to make money with them.
  • How to find the best places to advertise your opportunity.
  • Discover exactly how Brian out recruited everyone else in one network marketing company by 10 to 1.
  • What is the one type of advertising Brian recommends above all others and always gets the best results with? He reveals in this interview...
  • There's one thing you must have in a network marketing company if you really want to make long term serious income (this may surprise you -- it's NOT the comp plan)
  • Discover Brian's six tactics for writing winning email ads, and how to write web copy and headlines for maximum profits.
  • If you're serious about network marketing, you'll spend a lot of time on the phone with prospects. Discover how Brian slashed $1,800 a month off his phone bill, without making any less calls!
  • How Brian made thousands a month, spending less than $200 on Overture.
  • How Brian's three marketing directors earn him thousands every month ... but he doesn't pay them a penny!
  • How to max out any MLM comp plan.
  • Discover what skills you need to make a winning MLM team.
  • A proven way to attract big hitters into your downline.
  • How to brand your name for big money online.
  • How to structure your downline for quick growth
  • How to solve downline attrition and keep your business growing.
  • How to train your downline successfully
  • What to look for in network marketing leads to grow your business in record time
  • A quick and easy way to close many more MLM leads into your business.
  • How to create your own high quality leads
  • How to buy your way to the top of any comp plan
  • How to double (even triple) your income from any MLM company, without doing a minute's more work! Don't worry, it's perfectly legal...
  • There's only one type of MLM company Brian recommends for very long-term profits ... know what it is?
  • Step by step -- how to build your Life Force International business. Brian describes this as the easiest money he's ever made.
  • Three questions you must ask ANY potential sponsor if you're serious about success.
  • How to grow and develop a hugely successful ezine (just like Brian has).
  • How to run and manage a co-op for fast downline growth

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